Disney Blu-ray Rumors (North America)


"And here’s something Rumor Mill worthy… the Disney Wiki has listed street dates for upcoming Disney Diamond Edition Blu-ray animated titles, including Sleeping Beauty (10/2), 101 Dalmatians (2/3/15), Aladdin(10/6/15), and Pinocchio (2/2/16). The very same Wiki has also listed the following additional BD releases for this year: Muppets Most Wanted (June), Hercules (6/10), Tarzan (6/10), A Goofy Movie & An Extremely Goofy Movie (2-Movie Collection – 6/24), Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers (Summer),The Black Cauldron: Special Edition (8/19), Bears (8/26), Fun and Fancy Free (9/30), The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (9/30), Saludos Amigos & The Three Caballeros (2-Movie Collection – 12/2), Make Mine Music & Melody Time (2-Movie Collection – 12/2), and Planes: Fire & Rescue (12/9). Salt this information appropriately, but still… these dates make sense. Thanks to Bits reader Bill M. for the heads-up.”



Before you dismiss your fanfiction idea as stupid, remember that Disney made a Hamlet AU with singing lions and a happy ending and it was one of their most beloved and successful films.




*settles into bed with blankets laptop headphones a drink and everything* ahh yes perfect. I have to pee. 



Reasons not to go outside:

  1. Ruffians
  2. Thugs
  3. Poison ivy
  4. Quick sand
  5. Cannibals
  6. Snakes
  7. The plague
  8. Large bugs
  9. Men with pointy teeth
  10. I’ll say no more. I’ll just upset you.



Gene Kelly & Leslie Caron in An American in Paris (1951)


Gene Kelly & Leslie Caron in An American in Paris (1951)

Visual Development from Tangled by Victoria Ying

Visual Development from Tangled by Victoria Ying


I’m actually really, really happy with how these turned out, aah ♥
Me as Elsa, Trine as Anna



Professor Parker Woodson with V the Velociraptor debut at Animal Kingdom 4/19/14 (by All Around Orlando)

I….just. Okay. I can’t even start with this.

Yes, this is a test only. But the public sees this, and not every visitor right now knows about testing periods, reads internet scuttlebutt to know this is an first-time deal, not permanent, etc - so giving this impression willingly, onstage, in broad daylight to paying guests who don’t know conditions of it, to me - that just seems like a poor decision which might harm the reputation of Disney entertainment/theme parks for some viewers. And suspension of disbelief for a stage show like Nemo at Animal Kingdom, I get, where there’s a puppet to perform and a human to sing, both - puppetry of that sort is long ingrained in entertainment across the world.

This just looks really lazy and unprofessional, though. Seriously, Disney? And I was optimistic about this proposed entertainment, too, adding character and texture to AK. I do understand, in the modern age, about Disney being under the microscope as it were when it comes to new additions being reviewed right away and folks maybe being harsh on small stuff in rehearsals for limited crowds - but how was this deemed ready for public viewing? Lucky the Dinosaur, this isn’t. By a long shot.

Just bad show.

Here’s another video.

There’s just no other way to say it. This is absolutely pathetic.

Lucky the Dinosaur debuted in 2003 and was a heck of a lot more realistic (and a heck of a lot less annoying-sounding) than this. This is just a cheap, tacky (at least tacky for a Disney park) Halloween costume.

Seriously, watch the videos of this cheap party trick, then watch a video of Lucky.

Lucky is more realistic.
Lucky isn’t scaring children.
Lucky isn’t a blatantly obvious pair of human legs and a human torso surrounded by latex rubber.
Lucky doesn’t let out really annoying shrieks every few seconds.
Lucky’s tail doesn’t need two cast members to keep it from hitting guests in the face.

I’m frankly ashamed of Disney for even trying to get away with this. This is “we want a dinosaur, but we’re too cheap to use that other one that people loved.” Test period or not, this is just sad.